Golden Pineapple – White Balsamic Vinegar


Golden Pineapple – White Balsamic Vinegar

Imported from Modena Italy


Light and sweet, fresh golden pineapple



Golden Pineapple – White Balsamic Vinegar

FLAVOR: Light and sweet, fresh golden pineapple

COMPLEMENTS: Beverages, fruit, meat, pork, poultry, salad, seafood

Oil Pairings: Baklouti Green Chili Pepper, Basil, Cayenne, Cayenne, Chipotle, Harissa, Herbs deProvence, Persian Lime, Wild Mushroom & Sage, Sesame

IDEAS: Drizzle into cooked rice, then add broccoli, carrots, green pepper, and your favorite meat or seafood, Use with any oil above for a great salad dressing, Combine with Herbs deProvence and brush on seafood, Contains naturally occurring sulfites

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200ml, 375ml, 60ml [gift set sizing], 750ml


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